Haworthiopsis is a genus of succulent plants in the subfamily Asphodeloideae. The genus was previously included in Haworthia. Species in the genus are typically short perennial plants, with leaves often arranged in a rosette and frequently having raised white markings. The two-lipped flowers are borne on a tall stalk and are small – less than 17 mm (0.7 in) long – and pale in colour. Many species are cultivated as house plants or by succulent enthusiasts.
Haworthiopsis species are short perennial plants, with or without an obvious stem. The leaves either form a rosette or are arranged in a spiral on a more extended stem. Individual leaves are smooth or have white markings, which may take the form of small protuberances (tubercules) or be more pointed, almost spine-like. The white markings may be on the lower surface of the leaf only, or on both surfaces, and may also extend to the leaf margins. The upper leaf surfaces are "windowed" in some species, and the margins may have toughened teeth.